"Future design for me is a response to changing living conditions and new materials."
Niels Gammelgaard

Niels Gammelgaard urodził w 1944 roku w Kopenhadze. Studiował projektowanie przemysłowe w pracowni Erika Herløwa w Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi (Królewska Duńska Akademia Sztuk Pięknych) w Kopenhadze, którą ukończył w 1970 roku. W 1978 roku Gammelgaard założył z Larsem Mathiesesnem studio Pelikan Design, w ramach którego stworzyli i wdrożyli do produkcji dosłownie setki produktów: poczynając od małych ołówków, przez rowerki trójkołowe, aż po szpitalne łóżka. Jednak Pelikan Design jest najbardziej znany z projektowania mebli użyteczności publicznej – do biur, poczekalni, stref odpoczynku – i może wymienić wśród swoich klientów najznamienitszych  duńskich producentów mebli jak Fritz Hansen, Bent Krogh, Fredericia and Erik Jørgensen.

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  • What are your guidelines for the design of the future ?

    Future design for me is a response to changing living conditions and new materials.

  • Which part of furniture is most important for you and why ?

    All furniture is important as handicrafts, but the most important thing is to give also an artistic experience.

  • How does the process of creating furniture look ?

    My work is and has for many years been developing new products, it is easy for me to respond to requirements and specifications. I use my intuition and experience.

  • What are the newest trends in furniture creation ?

    The last 15 years, after 9.11 the trend is to look back. Fear of the future makes the past and its furniture tradition to be trendy.

  • Please give 10 things that you would like to get as gift for your birthday ?

    I always want for my birthday things that you have made and put a thought in.

  • Which is a typical regional dish in your area ? Could you please give a short recipe ?

    I live in a small country surrounded by the sea, so fish in all variations is fantastic. For example boiled cod with horseradish capers hard-boiled eggs and butter.

  • The most interesting journey in your life ?

    In 2010 I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya in photo safari, where I experienced the Masai and get close to the wildlife. I have never experienced anything like.

  • Your favorite place for holiday ?

    My cottage on Österlen in southern Sweden.

  • The best memory from your childhood ?

    To sleep outside in a tent on the first days of spring.

  • Your favorite colour ?


  • Your place of residence ? Small village or big city ?

    In the middle of Copenhagen in a nice apartment.

  • The brand of your car ?

    I have a Mercedes cabriolet 1995 for the summer and a Nissan Navara king cap for the winter.