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  • I denna bild
    Tyg: Iris gold-beige
    Ben: No. 07 wooden
  • I denna bild
    Tyg: Paris light brown
    Ben: No. 07 wooden
  • I denna bild
    Tyg: Elyot green
    Ben: No. 84 metal
  • I denna bild
    Tyg: Lario blue
    Ben: No. 84 metal
  • I denna bild
    Ben: No. 84 metal
Exclusively in MOMA studio

The more, the merrier. And Colorado offers plenty of comfort and space to share with your loved ones. Bolster your family celebrations with plenty of cushions and togetherness, there’s bound to be something for everyone with armchairs, sofas and corner sofas available in various sizes and arrangements.

Föreslog tyg ytbehandling

  • Caleido Natur
  • Caleido White
  • Caleido Black
  • Caleido Light Grey
  • Caleido Dark Blue
  • Caleido Aubergine
  • Caleido Turquise
  • Caleido Mint
  • Caleido Green
  • Caleido Dark Grey
  • Caleido Powder Pink
  • Caleido Light Brown
  • Caleido Camel
  • Caleido Light Beige
  • Caleido Plum
  • Caleido Grey-beige
  • Caleido Grey
  • Drom Creme
  • Drom Beige
  • Drom Light Brown
  • Drom Brown
  • Drom Grey
  • Drom Turquise
  • Drom Black
  • Drom Violet

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  • Chocolate
  • Deco
  • Fresh winter
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